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Transcoding (VA API in Docker)


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Hello, i am running Emby server in Docker on Orange Pi PC Plus (armbian bionic - mainline kernel 4.14.y).
Thats how i run container:

root@orangepipcplus:/mnt/STORAGE/Emby# docker run -d \
     --name emby \
     --volume /mnt/STORAGE/Emby/config:/config \
     --volume /mnt/STORAGE/Downloads:/mnt/Downloads \
     --device /dev/dri/card0:/dev/dri/renderD128 \
     --network host \
     --env UID=1001 \
     --env GID=1002 \

UID=1001 - emby user;

GID=1002 - emby group;

emby user added to video group;




ffmpeg log in attached files.
HW transcoding not working, help please.

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