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Music title construction issue


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I have several albums .flac encoded.
Two of the albums have the following symptoms:
1) The album name is prepended with another version of the album name.
2) Each track is prepended with another version of the track name.
3) The album has an associated .cue and .m3u file
4) The prepended album name is the same as the TITLE in the .cue file
5) The prepended track name is the same as the corresponding TRACK TITLE in the .cue file

I removed the .cue and .m3u files but the displayed values remain.

Can someone please explain this to me?
Where are the displayed values being derived from?
Is there something I can do to resolve this display issue?

Here are the associated .cue and .m3u files: "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"

Here are some screen shots:









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well it depends on the data embedded in the file. we don't read the cue or m3u files.

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I didn't think .cue or .m3u files were read, but I referred to them only because that was the only place I could find the information that is being prepended to info that is in the file.

1. Please note in the original screen shots that "The Anthology - Disc 2" is prepended to the album name. That text does NOT appear in the file (see image below)




I have included additional screen shots which better demonstrate that data is "magically" appearing from an unknown source.

2.In the following screen shots please note track 4. The prepended value is a misspelling of the track name (strangely enough, as it appears in the .cue file). That misspelling does not appear in the file.








Thanks for your help.

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I ran --> ffprobe -v quiet -print_format json -show_format -show_streams "04 - Rolling stone.flac"

Here is output: issue.txt

I see the problem in the output under "format": {..."tags": {...

At this point I am at a loss. Is this data hard-coded in the file? If so, is there a tool that will allow me to edit this data? I do have foobar & MediaMonkey but don't see the aforementioned information.

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Hey...any thoughts or ideas on this issue?

Please note the semicolon following the prepended text...does that hint at anything?

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Please respond. I don't know where to start to resolve this issue. I posted on StackOverflow without success.



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I don't really have the answer. there are other people in this forum like tikuf or @@ginjaninja that might know better. i'm guessing there's multiple ways of representing the information within the file and you've got a couple apps disagreeing on what to use.

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from your ffprobe log i see

"ALBUM": "Greatest Blues - Golden Greats;Greatest Blues - Golden Greats Disc 1"


So you have an 'incorrect value' in your tag for album.

not sure what metadata program your using in the screenshots but for some reason it is ignoring the album tag string prior to ';'...but ffprobe and hence mb3 do not.

Suggest you try mp3tag and tidy up your album tags.


as you say its same issue for others...mp3tag has a regular expression driven script engine and could auto tidy up those duplicates for your whole library i suspect.




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  • 1 year later...


ID3 tags erroneously written to flac files.


Fix is here: http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30377

Great, thanks this has been bugging me. So its a case of ffprobe not liking IDV3 tags on flac, only likes flac tags. Now I just need to go through my collection and remove tags with mp3tag and then undo to restore the vorbis tag. The biggest pain is manually adding the album art as undo doesn't do this

Will look to see if there's an easier way to retag 16000 files...


UPDATE: Cut and paste in mp3tag works with album art, phew! And I've only 520 with idv3.2 tags so not too bad.

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