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Problems with sharing internally and externally - Linux Mint


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Hello, looking to get my home network figured out and then have it reachable externally. I thought I hit all the points - guess not.

My setup:

My install of Linux Mint. My fstab has been modified to mount at boot another drive so Emby sees it at startup and that part works. Going to http://localhost:8096/web/index.html#!/home.htmlshows the Emby homepage with my media. Problem is I cannot access outside of the box.

I have samba installed too for file sharing and here is the section relating to the shared files

    comment = Emby Movies
    path = /home/toast/Videos/Movies
    browsable = yes
    guest ok = yes

I have also setup port forwarding as well.

Emby TCP 8096 8096 N/A Edit x

However as http://www.canyouseeme.org/ states my port is not open and cannot see me.

The devices I am sharing to are a Roku 3 and my phone, neither of which are making connections when on my home network.

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I am the only user and will not be adding any others. The default with admin privileges will be fine.

Dashboard IPs

I have opened my 8096 port on my router however canyouseeme.org cannot see my machine or detect the open port.


This is what my phones says when signing in with Emby Connect

Playing locally off my machine where everything is being hosted is no problem.

What else can I provide?

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I realized that all I had to do was enable the port on Linux just as I did so on my router.

Hey Luke can you add this step to your setup guide so people are aware of it?


To open the port
sudo ufw allow 8096/tcp

To verify that it worked
sudo ufw status verbose

I used this page to check my work


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