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Using genre/tags with Home Videos


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I have a lot of random videos (mostly short comedy videos) which I have put into a Home Videos library. However, I'd like to be able to tag these videos with either genre tags or just plain tags in Emby, and then use those to search for videos. I'd like to see these in a list, or just use them by searching.


For example, let's say I have a couple of videos that contain Spongebob. I'd like to tag these as Spongebob and then be able to search for these videos by searching the term Spongebob. *Or*, if possible, I'd like to see a list of genres/tags, which also contains Spongebob in this case, and then click on that and view all videos that have the genre/tag.


Is anything like this possible?

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HomeVideos can have genre tags embedded in the mp4/mkv files - these are read by Emby - i have this for my TED videos


Use MP3Tag to add a Genre(s) to the Genre Tag - if you need more than one separate them with a comma


Extended Tags Dialog in MP3Tag



In Emby



when clicking on "Podcast" i get ...


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