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app.emby.media forcing me to update Emby server


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I've been holding off on upgrading Emby, hoping that some day the repo will be fixed. Everything was working fine until a few days ago when I began to get an error when accessing app.emby.media. I can't access my Emby server from app.media.emby until I upgrade according to the message. Is there a workaround for this?


I've ran a whole lot of Linux servers over the years and the current method Emby is using, unzipping a file you download every update, is a really poor practice. It can lead to a total package mess. Is there any way to get this update through a managed repository (the proper way of doing things!) or do I just have to suck it up, go against best Linux practices and try to do a totally messy upgrade and hope my Emby server comes out intact on the other side?



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Are you on the old repository based package that we were hosting on opensuse? Or did you originally install via the .deb file?

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Will this keep my current users & configurations etc intact? I will of course make a backup of my server as it is currently.


My thinking on making the upgrade path was.

0) Backup current Emby server

1) Purge current emby-server packages

2) Remove OpenSUSE Emby repo

3) Download current Emby release .deb

4) Dpkg current Emby release .deb

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