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Edit Images cache issue in 3.5.3?


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Emby Server

QNAP x64


I've run into an issue that I've noticed since upgrading to 3.5.3. Maybe it was present earlier, but I failed to notice. I am using the Edit Images mechanism built into Emby Server to modify / update the images for a show (Primary, Backdrop, etc.). It seems to work at first, but then it stops showing images that aren't initially viewable.




You'll notice the top two rows load fine since they are immediately visible. When I scroll down to view the next rows, those images fail to load / refresh. 



I'm not sure what is going on, but the images were loading fine at first when I scroll down. After awhile, they stop being rendered properly. I think it may have to do with caching since the images should be cached at that point, but not sure. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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