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So, I know Emby already has some multi-user settings and such, but one that would be useful to me is in the arena of recordings. I have multiple people who record shows in the house and for the most part, I don't care to see their recordings and they don't care to see mine. I would like to see an option to have recordings be user aware. For example...


User one records "The Big Bang Theory"

User two records "The Cool Kids"

Users one and two both record "New Amsterdam"


User One would see "The Big Bang Theory" and "New Amsterdam", but not "The Cool Kids".

User Two would see "The Cool Kids" and "New Amsterdam", but not "The Big Bang Theory".


"New Amsterdam" would only be recorded once using one tuner as the system would recognize them as the same.


Now, User One watches "New Amsterdam" and then deletes it. They would no longer see it, but the file would remain on disk and would remain in User Two's list of recorded shows. User Two watches it, then deletes it. Now it is gone from both users recorded show lists, and because there are no references to the file on disk, it is now deleted as well.


I'm sure this adds complexity to managing recordings and conflicts, but I think it would be useful.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not gonna say emby is perfect (no complex software is), but it has been great for my needs and I look forward to where you go with it.

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With a little bit of work on your part you could do this now but it wouldn't be automatic and you would have to set this up per series.


What you would want to do is setup Folder Based Access Control which is covered here:



Then you could either use post processing to move the recorded shows or use the Auto-Organize plugin to move the files.  I personally would use the post processing feature as it would occur as soon as the series is done recording.


It's obviously not exactly what you want but would provide a work-around to get you this functionality.  Besides just recordings the Folder Based Access Control could be used for all series so that users only see the stuff they are interested in. Example if you have cartoons, cooking shows, talk shows & reality TV shows and users aren't interested in them, just do give them access to those sections.


Now that we have this Folder Based Access Control, maybe in the future we could have the ability to setup the DVR to record to specific folders.  This would do exactly what you want and would also solve matching issues for shows that get confused with similar names.


EDIT: I just opened a feature request for this: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/68637-set-specific-locations-for-dvr-recording-storage-after-recording/

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I do have post proc moving things. Just bumping it as I also like the idea.


Thanks for your time though as always great community here

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Any chance work is being done to give us this option?  User based DVR simply makes sense.  No one wants to see everyone elses recordings.  Also.... a place where we could look to see all of the shows we have scheduled to record would be good too.

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What's the status on something like this? For me, I don't want a different DVR folder per user. I want the ability to designate, when I set the recording, which library folder it goes to. This has been one of the most basic options in Plex going back YEARS and there's nothing at all like it in Emby. 


I have a folder called "DVR" which is for stuff for her (now and then) or both of us (most of the time).

I have a folder called "DVR - Two" which is for stuff that only I watch.

Both of the above are for weekly, serial shows.

I have a folder called "TV Shows" which is where I record all of the repeat episodes of serial shows that I want to "stock up" on for binge-watching. I don't want these in my weekly folders even though some shows are still on the air and there are new episodes.

I have a folder called "TV Movies" which is where I record all of the holiday movies and specials that, again, I don't want in the weekly folders.


I've been waiting to purchase the Emby lifetime membership and grabbed it today. I'm immediately disappointed that I don't have this flexibility that I've had with Plex dating back five years.

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22 minutes ago, ember1205 said:

I don't want a different DVR folder per user. I want the ability to designate, when I set the recording, which library folder it goes to


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