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Pause issue leading to frozen movie over app


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Using the pause button on my tv remote to pause a movie and then going to make a coffee, when I came back I couldn't get away from the paused still image (a very angry looking ben stiller), the only way I could sort was to power down the Pi and start it up again to resume. I still need to see if this is the case when pausing using a mouse rather than the remote control.


Watching a 4:3 programme and doing the same thing, pause with the tv remote and leave for a bit then attempt to escape using the 'return' button on the remote or the 'esc' key, I could then see the Emby Theater in the background to the sides of the 4:3 video border but the video was locked in pause, laying over the top of the app. I couldn't figure out a way to get it go other than to exit the app by clicking the exposed 'x' in the corner.


Not sure if there's enough there to investigate or if anyone else has had the same problem, couldn't see it on a short search in the forum.



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