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Photo Library: Better video integration


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As suggested by @ebr I have split my original request to allow better monitoring of interest and progress.

The original request is here https://emby.media/c...brary-overhaul/

If you are interested please like the post.



I have noted that when I open a video from my picture folder, Emby doesn’t "understand" that it is part of the photo album and open it as a single file in the video player instead of the slide show. I think this should be seamlessly integrated into the Photo slide show. I don't know if it a bug or if it should be considered as a new feature.

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I think the items should be there but the user should have to initiate them actually playing.


There are probably a lot of people who have videos and photos mixed and, when they initiate a photo slide show, they probably don't want every video automatically playing in the middle of them.


So, instead, I think it should show the primary image of the video and allow the user to play it if they wish.

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I agree, 

You wouldn't want you family to see some weird video made during your honeymoon :wacko: , when you are showing them the white sand beach, the palm trees and the dolphins :P


But it should be made obvious that this is a video and that you have the possibility to play. Usually you have a big Play button in the middle of the screen, that doesn't mean it's the best or only way, but it's efficient.

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