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Web App and TV App inconsistent when "Play" is clicked.


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On the Web App (http://app.emby.media), when your on the Shows page, you get a "Play" icon. When clicking that it is playing from the first episode, when I think it should pick up where you left off or the "Next Up" episode.


Same on the TV App (http://tv.emby.media), except you don't get a "Play" button on the Shows page. But, on the next page you have a "Play All" button. At least here, you can scroll down and click the "Next Up".


I think both should play where you are currently in the show (Resume button maybe?) or Play the Next Up by default when you click "Play". Anyone wanting to play an already watched episode, would need to drill down to it. "Play All" does have it's place with other types of media, like audio, but for Shows I'm not convinced it has a valid use case.


Not complaining, just food for thought.

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Yes, I agree.  The default "Play" action for a TV series should probably be to play the next up episode if there is one.


The other TV apps (Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, Apple TV) all have a "Play Next Up" button as the default.

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