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Small revision for these forums


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As a newbie in training of Media Browser these forums are a great resource HOWEVER


if I don't understand each sections purpose than it is almost useless reading, so I have a request that each section have as a pinned section explaining what it is about.


Example you have a DLNA section,  I have no clue what DLNA pertains to

so  a little explanation as to what it is and its purpose and how it might be used would be beneficial


The Media Browser Theater section? is it a plugin, a stand alone application, a windows application, why would I use it as opposed to something else?


same for Media Browser Classic


Live TV???? I have no clue what is needed to even produce a Live TV link, is it via media center, xbmc, Roku?  just a little clarification would be extremely helpful


I think the sections purpose and how it might be applied should be the first pinned post for each section


these are just a few examples....It may help answer a lot of confusion, MB is so diverse, it is a bit difficult to grasp how it all fits together and the possible uses


Respectfully submitted

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This is actually a good idea, something easily overlooked for us that have been here a while :)


+1 from me.



And as a bonus!


DLNA is a feature that allows certain device to play stuff on their own, for example a TV that is DLNA compatible could play content on it's own without a separate machine. There are pro's and con's to this but that basically is what DLNA does.


MBT or Media Browser Theater, is a standalone video player (like xbmc) that uses the Media Browser Server (MBS) as a backend to keep track of played status and also where everything is located.


MBC or Media Browser Classic is more or less an plugin/extension for Windows Media Center that also uses the Media Browser Server as a backend etc etc.


Live TV is a kinda new feature which allows MBS to use Capture Cards etc etc to watch and record Live TV, like regular old TV :P Not 100% sure which clients supports it as of now, but the goal is for each of all the different clients to be able to use this, both watch TV live but also schedule recordings etc.



If you want a more in-depth view just ask or send me a pm or something :)

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We are a community supported project so, if anyone would like to take a whack at producing such information, please do so. 

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