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Incorrect order of audio tracks in OSD


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Hi emby support,

with the new version of the emby app, that supports audio track changing without reencoding the audio tracks (great work btw!) there is a little cosmetic error in the LG Emby App.


When changing the audio track during playback (OSD) it seems like only audio tracks are selectable that can be played without transcoding, but in the list there are all audio tracks visible.


A little example... a movie has the following audio tracks:


1. TrueHD german - needs transcoding

2. DTS german - directplay

3. TrueHD english - needs transcoding

4. DTS english - directplay

5. AC3 english - directplay


When I start playback from the Emby menu, I choose the second audio track and the movie starts correctly playing the german DTS track.

Now when I open the OSD and try to select the englisch DTS track it's not working.

When I choose TrueHD englisch, it plays the englisch AC3 track, when I choose german DTS it plays the englisch DTS track and when I choose the german TrueHD track, it plays the german DTS.


It seems that only audio tracks that are playable without reencoding (Track 2,4,5) are choosable in the OSD although the list shows all tracks.

So there seems to be a remapping so that:


1. Tracktitel shown: TrueHD german - Track played: DTS german

2. Tracktitel shown: DTS german - Track played: DTS english

3. Tracktitel shown: TrueHD english - Track played: AC3 english

4. Tracktitel shown: DTS english - Track played: nothing

5. Tracktitel shown: AC3 english - Track played: nothing


I think that is a little bug ;-)


Thx & Greetz


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