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Initiating Media Scanning


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Background to my problem


I have my NAS (containing all my media) set to wake at 3pm and go to sleep at 12:30am every day.

I have MBS and MBC installed on the same PC (a small NUC under the TV).
Previously I had MBS set to perform a media scan on wake - but if that PC ever woke when the NAS was off all media would be marked as offline. So when someone comes to actually use MB3 (during the NAS on hours) then it thought the media was offline.
The PC with MBS was starting in the middle of the night to perform updates etc, so I disabled those, but it still wakes occasionally out of normal viewing times.
So, I've set MBS to not scan on wake, but to scan on a schedule at 3:30pm and 7:30pm. This works much better, but there are still times when I've added new content and MBS (and therefore MBC) just doesn't know its there yet.
This was never an issue with MB2 and it's tray service, I could run MB2 and it would almost immediately show new content.
I can run a Library Refresh from MBC settings - but that button is not easy to navigate to.
I can see a couple of solutions:
  • have a new trigger for starting tasks on the server ("On client connect") - so when I start MBC a media scan is automatically initiated.
  • have a shortcut button in MBC (one of the colour buttons maybe) to initiate a library scan instead of having to dig into settings.



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