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  • 2 weeks later...
First of all, glad to see the app do perform their respective basic duties again. Thanks! :)
But sadly, there are still some annoying glitches. Below a brief status of my user experience so far:
  • Playing music works, but controls behavior is not as expected: FW, RW and slider do not work; Ellipse covering controls on pausing tune (as described on former posting #43).
  • Displaying photos works, but controls are clunky, misplaced and an ellipse is appearing (described already in posting #63).
  • Playing films works. Audio, subtitle and settings selectors do what is expected, same for play and pause controls. All other -FW, RW, next, previous (this two could operate as intended or maybe rather shouldn’t be available on single films) and slider- do not work. Here, in contrast to music and photos, no ellipse is appearing. Furthermore, on clean run, the portrait screen is displayed till a film is launched to play. Then, after stopping and exiting the film, no change from landscape to portrait mode is possible anymore at all levels till a restart of the Emby app.
  • Playing series works analogue to films, with the only difference, that in this case, next and previous controls do behavior as expected, skipping to the next episode. The remaining constrains are identical to those described on films.

Best regards.

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