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Can't Access Emby Server Through Emby Connect

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I'm experiencing a strange issue in which I can't access my Emby Server through Emby Connect, but I can directly using the local IP address. Specifically, when I attempt to use http://app.emby.media/connectlogin.html?mode=welcome, I get the following screen...


5b5122c2301be_EmbyScreen.jpgwing screen...

It started immediately after an automatic Emby Server upgrade (to 3.4.1, I think). I don't know if that was the cause or if that fact was purely coincidental.
Has anyone out there seen this before?  Any ideas would be appreciated.
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That worked perfectly.


I'm not sure what  "it needs updating to new changes of."#!"" means, but everything is working fine now.


Thank you!



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There was a url change in the new release and if you look at the url you posted on post #1 and mine you will see the difference.


If you used http://app.emby.media you would have never noticed.

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