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Photos (jpg) not working on Samsung TV via DLNA


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My TV is a Samsung MU8009 (UE55MU8009).

Emby Server (Version is running on Windows 7 Pro (x64)


The TV accesses Emby via DLNA and most of it works pretty fine (e.g play Movies an Videos).


But it does not show any of my photos (JPG). The TV always say "unsupported file format" and the thumbnails are broken too.

It looks like the filename extension is missing and the Samsung TV get confused bey this. When I select any Video, the TV previews the Filename like this: 


Image Files are shown like this:


When I access Emby from an other Windows machine with Windows Media Player (Does it use DLNA then?), all the photos are shown correctly.


The Samsung TV also does show photos from other DLNA-Servers like my "FritzBox" Router correctly and in full resolution (at least UHD).

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hi @@lejared, thanks for the report. I was able to reproduce this on my samsung and it is resolved for the next release. Thanks !

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Thanks, photos are working now just fine when viewed with DLNA directly from the Samsung TV.


But if I browse my photos in the Emby App for iPad (iPad Air, iOS 11.4.1) and want to have them displayed remotely on my Samsung TV (using this little play-remote-button in then top right corner of the app) then the photos are not displayed on the Samsung TV. Though it does play any kind of video (personal videos and movies) using the exact same way.


It seems like the Samsung TV is trying to display the requested photos but than crashes some how. Maybe it's the same filename-ending thing like it was with the older version of the emby server?

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Hi, thanks for the report. This is resolved for Emby Server 3.6. It turns out we had just never supported this before with remote control to dlna. Thanks.

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Thank you very much.

I really appreciate your quick responses and bugfixes!


BTW: Playing content through DLNA on my Samsung TV remotely controlled with the iPad App works like a charm. I don't even miss the native Emby App for my TV anymore, which, as you say, is still stuck in Samsungs lame review process.

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