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Metadata won't save (just a few titles)


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Have tried to search for an existing thread on the subject but could not find.

I am experiencing issues with a few titles in my library where the metadata is impossible to update.

I cant seem to find any particular similarities between the titles (filetype etc.)

It just seems to be random.

It can download data from a dataprovider such as TMDB but if I try to change something (add/remove Genre, tags etc.) when I press "Save" it just gets stuck with the turning saving icon forever (tried leaving it for an hour but nothing.


We are talking maybe maximum 2-5% of my titles.

Anyone that can give directions on how to solve?







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Hi, I don't see any problems here. I think it might just be taking a little time due to the kodi sync plugin. It is hooking into the changes and running some operations when they occur.


For faster performance, consider removing the xml metadata plugin as well as the kodi sync plugin, if you don't need them.

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Thank you Luke,

The suggestion above did not help, kept getting the same result with save hanging.


But I found the solution by switching to Edge browser.

Somehow the problem was related to Chrome.

Maybe something worth looking into.

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