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How do I troubleshoot emby sync?

Karl Blixt

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Karl Blixt

I have 3 issues with syncing:


- 1: Syncing movies sometimes fails completely and never moves past 0%. and sometimes it gets to "ready to transfer" but never starts the transfer despite my device being on wifi.


- 2: The syncing progress bar does not work correctly. on the server it's always at 0% until it is finished. on the app it's always at 0% as well until it finishes. the drop down menu on the phone however seems to record the progress correctly.


- 3: When a Movie is synced the subtitles won't work. I'd like to either download all the subtitle streams or one that I choose. It would also be nice to be able to watch wit any subtitle stream if I can connect to the server. atm I have to delete the synced movie in order to make subtitles work at all.


I have no idea of where to start fixing this. any hints are welcome.

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