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New Synology install: can download movies, but not stream...


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I'm a newcomer to Emby, having installed it yesterday, so I'm sure I must be doing something a bit dumb: I'm sure someone will see immediately what I'm doing wrong, but I've scoured Google and the forums with no luck...


1. My setup

I have a Synology DS918+, running Emby I have an Emby Premiere subscription. I've pointed Emby to my media folders, which contain a mixture of MKVs, AVIs, and MP4s, as well as movies in .iso or .dvdmedia (Mac) format. 

2. My issue

The movies with the .iso files appear in my library fine when I look at them from an app (iOS) or a browser (Safari or Chrome on MacOS), and when I click play I (usually) get a 'loading' ring for a little while, and then the screen fades to black as if to play (and I get a small logo with the film's name in the top left) all as expected. However, I get no video or sound, even though I get the progress bar moving. The stats all seem to say sensible things (type of audio, resolution, bit rate, time left to play etc.). This is all when connected to my local network (I haven't tried streaming remotely yet) and the issue is the same irrespective of whether I'm using my laptop (MacOS) or my iPhone. 

Strangely, if I select the 'download' option from the Emby library screen, the film will download on my laptop as an MP4, which then plays fine locally (using VLC, for example). 


3. Movies in .avi. .mkv or .mp4 files all play fine. 


Any thoughts? 

Thanks in advance




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