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Thumbnail generation on per video basis, Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard


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So the issue I’m having is with ffmpeg not generating thumbnails per video, it will generate thumbnails for collections which differentiates itself from this:


It will also generate chapter images just fine, it is only the image that is used when displaying under recently added or up next that doesn’t generate or display

Now this isn’t what is usual, I’ve never been able to get it to grap the image on its own very well (sometimes it would work but not usually), on a previous version (3.2.37) I would just right click the the video when I noticed the problem, click “fresh metadata” and check the “replace images” option. This would do the trick.

But now after moving from Windows 7 to Windows Server 2012, and upgrading to version, this will no longer fix and generate a new thumbnail. Nor will the Server ever give it one during a library scan. So I’m just stuck with a plain color background for every new video added.


So now I’m wondering if it’s something missing from Windows Server (not likely since everything else works just fine), an Emby Server issue, or just a ffmpeg failure that requires a reinstall perhaps? Anyone else having simular issues or have any advice?


Example Photo: video on the left is how most new content looks. If a video is in a folder that has a background that was manually added and assigned to that folder, then it will look like the video on the right. (But It won’t generate a thumbnail from the video itself.


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Hi Welcome to the forums


What are your settings under 


dashboard>Library>metadata> "libary type" - use the dropdown to pick your library type for the affected videos e.g. "movies" etc


have you changed the options for the "image fetchers" - mine - default - are all checked (4 for library type movies) including the "screen grabber" as a last resort/option


the screen grabber for me is the last option - so if the other fetchers fail then it is used


In your case as the example if for a YT video the other image fetchers are very likely to fail so you need the screen grabber enabled to get any image


This is on 2012r2 not that it matters in this case

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You are absolutely correct. This was the cause. I disabled most of these since I run emby offline and didn’t have a use for metadata fetching. I must have disabled the “image grabber” by mistake.

Thank you very much @ PenkethBoy!

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