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Option for green check mark indicating "watched" media


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16 hours ago, EddyMerkxs said:

I personally only am interested in what I haven't watched. 

Hi.  Just FYI you can filter any library for unwatched items only.

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On 10/20/2020 at 9:00 AM, EddyMerkxs said:

I don't think anyone here wants to rock the boat; I don't know how many of us were users when those early decisions were made, so we aren't aware of the journey to get here. I am sure as a developer it would be discouraging to see people bring up old news, while for us it's just documenting an observation.

To me, showing Watched markers adds a step, where you are wondering what you haven't watched, so you look for items that don't have a green checkmark. It's kind of like having a Recently Watched section instead of Recently Added, or like phone apps showing red circle for apps that don't have notifications. 

Also, viewers generally have more watched than unwatched, so there are more markers. Since the marker is so prominent, it is pretty distracting, partially blocking pretty cover art of stuff I've watched. A prominent indicator should indicate action to be taken, not action I have already taken. 

It isn't a dealbreaker for me, but probably the most outdated visual in the app. Really glad to have our thoughts heard here, but also thankful for how hard you guys work!

I'm a long time user and been using since MB2 and Xbox extenders was the new thing. The watched indications .used to be optional. 

You could turn them on and off, globally.

Actually that's the reason I'm on this post, I was trying to turn them off, as I too find them distracting. I'm not trying to use Emby as an extension of Trakt. I just want to see my library, looking nice and available.

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Upvote. I'd like to be able to turn on and off the watched indicators by library (for example, I like them on my tv library showing how many unwatched episodes I have left, but don't like the checkmarks on my movie library.)

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