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Currently I’m trying to get a media server set up to play corporate messages and videos around the plant.

I’ve managed to set up Emby a powerful Intel Xeon PC, and I’ve been able to cast a video file to one of our Panasonic smart tvs.


However, this is not exactly the ideal situation.


Ideally I want to be able to play a single folder, with multiple video files inside, and play it on a constant loop to the 8 TVs around the plant.


Is this possible in Emby? Currently I’m only able to cast one file at a time, to one TV at a time...

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maybe you could have each video file setup as an episode in a series folder.


Then you could play all the episodes at season level.


Only issue is getting the season to repeat playback after it has finished all the "episodes" (your video files).


That is a lot of maintaining.

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