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"Play to" Issues


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When playing music directly, the Windows 8.1 App will play Music tracks in an Album correctly, i.e. in sequence. However, if I use the "Play to" function of the MB3 Server and direct the music tracks to a separate DMR, then the App stops after the first track. It does not step to the next track.


This is the same behaviour as I reported when using the "Play to" feature built into Windows 8.1 itself.


I can manually initiate the playing of the next track by using the onscreen "next" button on the "Now Playing" screen (see screenshot below), however, I should not have to do this.




There are also a few issues about this screen.


First, no album art is being displayed, even though it is embedded in the track.


Second, the playing indicator never shifts from the left hand end of the bar as shown above.


Third, the playback can be paused, by touching the Pause button, but the indicator does not then change to the triangular Play symbol as expected. Playback can be resumed by touching the button once more, even though it is still displaying the Pause icon.


Fourth, the volume controls have no effect on the DMR that I am using.


Now, some or all of these issues may very well be down to the DMR being used. In my case, it's a Denon 3808 AVR, which will display the textual tags on an attached TV, but not Album Art. Issue 4 (the non-working volume controls), in particular, is almost certainly a limitation of the Denon, since I cannot control the volume remotely in other Play to implementations either.



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Can you provide a serverlog where you initiate playback? Looks like we cant parse the "Now playing" data from your device

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Here's the relevant section of the server log where I've browsed to an album, started PlayTo and left it running. It stops playing after the first track




That last entry at 2014-03-22 11:51:01.6808 is the last entry in the log. After a couple of minutes, then a further entry is made in the log:


2014-03-22 11:55:46.4671 Info - App: SessionInfoWebSocketListener stop transmitting over websocket to


And that's all...



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Is there any progress on this issue?


It strikes me that the problem may reside with the Server, since I'm seeing the same issue (only playing the first track in an Album) when I use the Remote feature in the Browser Client to play an album.


I'll open a thread in the Server forum for this.

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