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Can't stream 5.1 on chromecast


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I noticed that I can't stream video if the audio is "5.1". I click on play, and then nothing happens.


Here is the media info of one file I cannot stream via the chromecast :



- Codec H264

- AVC Yes

- Profile High

- Level 41

- Resolution 1280x720

- Aspect ratio 16:9

- Anamorphic No

- Interlaced No

- Framerate 23.9760246

- Bitrate 6516 kbps

- Bit depth 8 bit

- Pixel format yuv420p

- Ref frames 1

- NAL 4

- Title 720P H264



- Language eng

- Codec AC3

- Layout 5.1

- Channels 6 ch

- Bitrate 640 kbps

- Sample rate 48000 Hz

- Default Yes

- Title Eng Dolby Digital 5.1 Default


Is there a way to tell emby server to transcode only the audio ?


Thank you

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Hi, if your audio equipment supports AC3 then this file should direct play. Unless of course you have the Chromecast quality setting set to a lower value that is forcing transcoding.


Can you please attach the information requested in how to report a media playback issue? thanks.

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Here are the logs generated.

I have set everything to "auto" in the settings, it should direct plays since my network connection is higher than the bitrate of the file.

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It looks like your chromecast is not connected to audio equipment that supports ac3. 


Then what's happening is the server is converting to aac 6-channel which is wrong because chromecast dropped support for that. if you update to the latest version of emby server then it should convert to 2 channel and be able to play.

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It works with the update ! Thank you very much for your help


EDIT: Is there a way for me to remove the log file I uploaded ? or to modify them in order to delete personnal info they might contain ?

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