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“Home Videos and Photos”; screenshots?


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I’ve recently discovered Emby and am using it for a collection of videos I have related to online learning. I decided to go with the “Home Videos and Photos” content type so that I could browse my media as files in folders. Since adding my media, I’ve done a number of library scans. Note that the content of my library, to the best of my knowledge, wouldn’t be scannable by any metadata scanner that looks up info online. I’m fine with this.


For some reason, only some files and folders now have screenshots taken from the videos. Most others are just colored rectangles with the folder or file name title in the middle. How do I get them all to display screenshots? Is it a video container or codec issue?


Thanks for the help!



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hi there @@Naenyn, sorry for missing this. Can you please open the web app detail screen for one of these videos, then click the 3-dot menu and select "Refresh Metadata", and then refresh the item.


Then please attach the emby server log. you can learn how to do that here:



Thanks !

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So, before I supply logs...


It seems that the problem is related to recursion. Say, for example, I have a folder called "Top" and within that folder, I have two folders "A" and "B". "A" and "B" each contain videos. If I click on "Top" and refresh metadata, nothing appears to happen. If I go down to "A" and refresh metadata, it properly finds screenshots for all of the videos within that folder. If I refresh my browser that is displaying "A" and "B" however, the folder does not have a screenshot. Once "A" is done refreshing and all videos within it have screenshots, if I refresh "A" again and then force my browser to refresh, folder "A" will then have a screenshot. I can then do the same procedure to get folder "B" to have screenshots on its videos and then on "B" itself.


Does this behavior sound like it is working as intended? It seems to me that I should only have to refresh the top-level parent in order for all sub-directories and videos to be properly screenshotted.



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