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Folder Sync and Direct Play with ChromeCast


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Hey All,


I've got a ChromeCast that has jerky playback because my server (SynologyNAS) can't handle transcoding, but Direct Play works perfectly! I read some threads that say the Folder Sync plugin can transcode in the background and produce a version suitable for the ChromeCast and this will be selected automatically when I go to play it... but it doesn't :(  am I missing a step?


Folder Sync is setup, with a ChromeCast profile pointed to a general folder '\\Media-ChromeCast'

I've selected the media in the WebApp, gone to sync, selected the new profile = General and quality = High

The server transcodes the media and puts it into the target folder

However, when I go to play it the server still attempts to transcode as it doesn't see the link to the new file.


I feel like I'm missing a step in allowing emby to know that there is another version it could play. I assume if I copied it to the same directory as the original (with file naming suffix for lower version) it would work, but I was hoping to avoid manual steps.


Let me know if I can provide further information.




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Hi Luke,


I tried to replicate tonight and now when I send it to the ChromeCast it appears to start loading (I get the loading scroll wheel) and the emby now playing remote pops up briefly and then disappears :(  The media I am trying to play is 'Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon', right after the failure to play, I successfully play 'Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things' in case you are trying to pinpoint the area of the log. I've attached the server log { server-63655452350 ChromeCast.txt } so maybe it shows whats going on... 


I also tried to play 'Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon' on an android phone (S8) and it started to play, via transcoding rather than the sync folder I'd created. I've attached the server log and ffmpeg log for these also { server-63655417826 Android.txtffmpeg-transcode-9c9c50b1-169c-458a-bbf9-1548e278daf3 Android.txt }


Please let me know if I can provide more info, and thanks very much for your help!!!


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hi @@Dewey80, apologies for the delay. i tested this and yes, there is an issue. It is resolved for the next release of emby server. thanks !

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