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Emby for android V2.9.86 tv guide very very slow


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i am having problems with Emby for android i am running a Emby server with the latest server software Version and i was running Emby for android V2.9.86 but found that the tv guide was very very slow to load and it would cause the device to freeze then crash so i uninstalled that one and installed V2.9.07 the tv guide works fine but this one has other problems like if you set the quality to anything other than Direct it would most of the time just not play the tv channel it will just go back to the previous screen.

so i tried  Emby android TV  v1.5.32g problems with the tv guide plus you can't change audio track  it will just crash on you,

and it would be nice if it loaded/changed tv channels faster like it does when you enable the VLC player with it.

all in all not so good now i know that with all the changes made to the server software the apps are going to play up but if i could just get one to work properly would be a start

and any news on when the next server update will be out for windows ?

apart from that thank you for a great job  (most of the time ) just kidding



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i have tried it on a few Android tv boxes

a X96  2gig/16 gig

a Beelink A1

a Beelink  GTI ultimate

a MxQ Pro  2gig/8gig

all other software removed  just emby installed on the boxes

but today while i was testing and playing around with the settings

i did notice that V2.9.07 will not transcode live TV if connected to a server running Version

if you try to transcode a tv channel it just won't load the channel and just go back to the previous screen

but if you have it on auto it works ok.

and it works fine with videos transcodeing

Emby for android V2.9.86 works fine except the tv guide

so i think i just wait for the update



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Okay.  FYI none of those are actual "Android TV" boxes even though I know their creators market them as such.

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