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Duplicate media folder [Emby]


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I noticed the server wasn't able to successfully scan the library for the past 2 weeks now.

It gives me the error

A child with the Id xxxxxxxxxxxxx already exists.

Digging in the logs it told me the error came from my Doctor Who folder. Apparently the media folder 'Specials & others' got duplicated somehow in the library. See attached image from the metadata manager.


Strangely enough I haven't touched that series in a long time, so it couldn't be a PEBKAC issue.


It seems like the problem started around the time I updated Emby Server to version on my Synology DS918+ about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I don't have the logs of that time anymore.


This raises 2 questions


1) How is it possible the server duplicated a media folder by itself that I haven't touched in ages?

1a) Could it be the version that may be buggy regarding this issue?


2) How can I remove one of those folders so that my library will scan again? I don't want to physically delete anything from the server.


Thanks in advance.



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That's great news :)


Is there something I can do right now to resolve it, so I can succesfully update my library? AFAIK there is no remove option in the metadata manager.

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