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How and Where to Install LiveTV??


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Hi guys


I have MB3 server installed on my WHS2011 server and MBC and MBT on my HTPC.

1 HDHomeRun Prime -networked

1 Ceton PCIE 4 channel tunner in the HTPC


Everything works works in WMC, MBC and MBT but wanted to try LiveTV But....


I installed the LiveTV plugin on the server, But LiveTV has Unavailable (SererWMC not connected)


What do I do next?


I have read through many post and there is reference to serverWMC.msi should be run to configure it but do I run it on the server or the HTPC?


LOST and in need of some help,





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I don't have live tv but as far as I know.  The live tv is two parts there is a server part and then you need to install something on where ever you have your Windows Media Center.  Once this is done the server interacts with this to get all the info.  The program I think is ServerWMC.  

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Thanks guy, I think I figured it out.


1. Install on MB3  server the serverWMC plugin

2. Install ServerWMC.msi on the HTPC and configure the setup.(XBMC program)


Hope this helps others


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