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How did I make my server a free for all?


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I'm running an Emby server from home. I have a few friends that I have shared my server with. They signed up for Emby Connect accounts and I added their usernames via the Emby dashboard. I've noticed for some reason, no matter which user logs in, it takes them to a screen that shows every other Emby user that also has access to the server and you can simply click on one of the users and get access to their Emby account. Users that do not have admin access even appear to be able to select an account that does have admin access and can then access the dashboard.


How did I achieve this state? Is it because I added them as users and not guests? None of their profiles have the "Allow this user to manage the server" box checked, so I don't understand why this is happening. Any help would be much appreciated.

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