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BUG: Emby 1.4.6 on iOS 11.2.1: video played on phone after pressing “cast” button


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(Apologies if this is not the correct venue for bug reports, I couldn’t find any other. Please redirect.)


After pressing the “cast” button and selecting “Chromecast” in the pop-up,

I have to wait a certain time (not sure how long precisely).
If I don’t wait for long enough, the video is played back on my phone.
This was last observed using Emby 1.4.6 on iOS 11.2.1 on an iPhone SE.
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Thanks for your reply. Might I suggest, instead of adding a loading indicator, could the play action be queued for when Chromecast is ready? That’s what the Netflix app does. That way, users can more quickly start casting and put their phone aside :)

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