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Resume Playback Isn't Working


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For me, ffmpeg was definitely the problem, the embedded one from the latest emby beta package has fixed it for me.

@@Luke, my logs have been purged in the mean time; I suspect I was getting some out of memory issues(I have many services running on my odroid-xu4) so I wouldn't worry about it. Emby has been running stable for a week now on the latest beta.

Sad that hw transcoding is still not possible :(.

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First of all, sorry. I didn't tested it as I should before.

Issue is related to both: TVShows and movies. 

Web or emby app are working correctly. 

Kodi issue, step by step:

1. Started 1st episode, jumped like 2 min.,paused, opened other episode ->            runtime updated at server.

2. Started 2nd episode, also jumped like 2-3min,,paused, opened other episode -> runtime updated at server.

3. Started 3th episode, waited like few sec.,paused, opened other episode ->          runtime didn't updated at server, episode marked as watched at server.

4. Started 4th episode, waited like 30  sec.,paused, opened other episode ->          runtime didn't updated at server, episode marked as watched at server.

5. Started 5th episode, stopped ->                                                                              episode marked as watched at server.

6. Set episode 3th and 4th as UNWATCHED ->                                                         status didn't not updated, still as watched at server.

7. Started Episode 4th and jumped like 10min. ,paused, opened other episode  ->  runtime updated, but still marked as watched at server.

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Beta add-on working even more bizzare.

Good news is, if I marked as unwatched at Kodi, status is propagated to Emby server, but the rest not working correctly as before.

Other difference is, when stopping or switching episode at Kodi  it is marked as watched at Server side only, kodi shows it as new and unwatched. Once or twice status of watched was propagated to Kodi, but it's random. 

May I know how does sync between Kodi add-on and server work? Is it sync in some intervals or contiunously?

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Can you provide your log?


The server trigger events when it adds/updates/remove content, which the add-on receives and processes updates. Live updates.

The only time it forces a sync is when Kodi starts.

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Hello, did you have, by chance, time to look into it? I have same issue for other devices. So it's seems not related to some hardware/software config I have but rather issue with emby addon/server itself.

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