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Emby connect loads infinitely after server select on external connections


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Hi all,


Having a bit of a strange issue here, only started happening recently ~last week or so. 


If I use Emby connect through the app.emby.media link, it allows me to sign in and shows my server. Once the server is connected, it loads 'infinitely' by which I mean no errors come up but it doesn't display any media.

It's only doing this on external connections as it works internally absolutely fine.


Strangely enough, the Emby mobile app connects fine and I can use the IP address within the server dashboard to direct connect off-network and that also connects fine - it's just Emby connect which is behaving strangely.


Steps taken:


  • Restarted Emby - updated to most recent version (
  • Rebooted server
  • Rebooted router
  • External ports checked and open, the server sits within a DMZ on the router and has a static internal IP.
  • I removed the server from Emby connect and re-added it - that connects fine internally but still not loading externally.
  • Replicated issue using Android browser on Cellular connection
  • IP address matches in the server dashboard fine.


Oddly enough, the dashboard does show that the user is authenticated in 'Recent Activity' but they never get presented with any of the Media containers. User permissions not at fault as the same user (my own) can connect directly and view everything instantly.


It's worth noting that I've recently re-added in my media libraries after clearing up drive lettering, so the recently added items are quite full - I've tried disabling them from displaying and the issue is persisting.


I've attached my server log and the screenshot from my mobile showing the infinite loading screen.


Any help would be appreciated, everything points to an issue with Emby connect but as it works inside my network I'm honestly not sure what's causing this - as the direct IP address works, we're using that as a workaround for the moment.









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hi there @@Koame, thanks for the report. I've pushed a fix for this, thanks. please try again. you may need to refresh the page in the browser manually if it doesn't work initially. 

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