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ENHANCEMENT/SUGGESTION Enhance episode counter (i.e. [total episodes remaining]/[total episodes])


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Hi all,


Hope you're well


Thanks for software


I use the "Next up" (NU) feature/section to balance my consumption habits across all the series I have - variety's the spice of life, right?


However, there's one drawback - new series' first episodes don't appear in NU


As a result new series are staying unwatched unless I navigate into the library folder and suffer the time consuming task of pruning unwatched series / first episodes


I don't necessarily agree with how NU currently works but I understand the logic[0] and I would prefer NU *did not* include first episodes than have to bother with marking a bunch of new series with a forget feature[1]


If you, too, have this first episode niggle then hopefully this thread generates some discussion or even better a solution


In the meantime may I suggest a simple enhancement to the episode counter










x = total episodes remaining / to watch

y = total episodes


If anyone else reading this agrees please up-vote or reply "+1"


Let me know if you have any issues - happy to help


Hope this is clear/useful and to hear back




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I would like to see this as well. 

"Next" is usually taken to mean something that "comes after" but if you never watched the 1st episode there really is no "next". :)

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