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AppleTV 4K - how is it as a dedicated Emby client?


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3 hours ago, Hitsville said:

Mostly the issues with Infuse directly are…

1. My storage is totally in gdrive and server is remote and Infuse (last time I checked and still seemingly an issue) is Infuse natively leads to API bans on occasion. An Rclone mount solves this. 

2. I seldom watch my media while out and about but it does happen occasionally so having an Emby or Plex server running makes sense for such occasions. 

Regarding the navigation, Infuse shows very few active shows on deck. James commented on this the other day. If we have more than 10 active shows we are apparently doing it wrong. 
Also I watch a lot of documentaries and stuff that don’t necessarily need watching in order. Clicking on any item that’s on deck in Plex… (only just trying out Emby again after a while away so I’m not sure if its the same here)…gives a one click option to go back to the season or show level from ANYWHERE in the UI. Infuse forces you to actually browse to the show. You can see all episodes for the season that the on deck episode belongs to on the preplay screen but sadly not other seasons. Small things and fringe cases maybe but things to matter to me personally. 

As mentioned my priorities are Spatial Audio which Infuse in any setup works with. 
Trakt, which I have always found more reliable in Emby and Infuse than Plex.

If (for my needs) Infuse TV navigation improves or Plex, Emby or Jellyfin offer fully working spatial audio on the ATV, that’s where I will end up.
But just having tonemapped video thumbs on the fly in Infuse will probably mean I will always use infuse for movies at least. 

The whole idea of the “open in Infuse” just gives the best of both worlds. 





Infuse remotely would never work for me as there is no transcoding, my upload speed wouldn't support that so that would be an issue for me. I use Emby on Roku remotely so not an issue.

I don't use on deck at all, I actually hate on deck as it makes no sense to me in any system. I simply use latest in Infuse. So, for example, "latest recorded tv". Any show I record from TV I have not already watched shows up. I keep up with them (else why record them) so the list is usually pretty small.

I use "latest movies" also, so, if I add a new movie it will show up there as well on home screen. I don't mean latest  as far as latest what Infuse calls movies or tv. I have media stored at the upper level as TV, MOVIES, ARCHIVE TV, so, latest for each of those.

Yes, the thumbnails are wonderful, recorded tv commercial skipping with no thumbnails in Emby is awful.

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