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Empty TV shows only disappear after opening one in Kodi


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A few days ago I had an issue with new added episodes not appearing live without restarting Kodi like I mentioned in this topic.


That issue is solved because I had to remove a line from my advancedsettings.xml that did the Kodi library.

With that line I never saw my empty tv shows but after removing that line those empty tv shows only disappear after entering a random tv show. Full or empty.


This is only when I use the Emby Nodes. With Kodi labels this is not an issuel.

And it needs to be done an every single main menu item with tv shows in them.


I hope this can be fixed.


Kodi log







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I don't know why it's no longer working correctly. It would definitely be a bug in Kodi, because Emby is using video nodes to build the list and hiding empty series should automatically take from the general setting..


It seems the following can be added to video nodes to hide empty series:

<rule field="numepisodes" operator="greaterthan">

You can do that manually for now, until something is done.

To change it, in the Kodi userdata folder > library > video > emby > each folder represent each view in emby. The ones that contain recentepisodes.xml are tvshows type. Open all.xml in notepad and paste the rule above below other existing rules. Do not run the task "Refresh playlist and video nodes" in the addon launch menu as it will overwrite those changes


I've replied to the thread https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=309899&pid=2681301#pid2681301

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