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Theater playback buffer size


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Hi all,


Is there an option to set playback buffer size in Emby Theater (or in server)?


It seems to stream very direct with low delay in transcoding.


But when there is a hick-up in transmit data, the Theater app tends to freeze and needs re-start. I can't use the back arrow to click away from the frozen picture.


Is there a way to improve "immunity" to data hick-up's by changing playback buffer, or other means? I don't mind if there is a delay in start-up of a strem.


I haven't proven it scienficically, but it appears that playback is smoother if I start a stream, hit pause (to let it build up buffer for some seconds), and then resume playback.


But Theater player for Windows can get really upset when stream stutters.


My android app doesn't crash. It freezes, and then resumes after a bit. I suppose something similar can be made in a Windows player program? Just not sure if it's server- or client side, or both which need adjustment.


Other than that, a cool set of server / client SW. :)


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