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ROC Theme "Recently Added" issue


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Hi All,


I just a couple of months ago purchased the ROC Theme to replace the Centraility theme which is no longer being supported. The theme itself is fantasitc and 95% of it works as it supposed to.


The issue i have is when i add new tv episodes to my tv shows. At times i can add upwards of over 25 episodes in one hit as we may be behind in something. The issue is with the Recently Added menu. If we chose this option i may work once but then the next time we access that function MB3 will crash with a message "Media Browser 3 has stopped responding. Click Ok or Cancel".


At first i thought it was because i changed the theme to allow the maximum of 25 new EP`s to show and that it was too much work for our media center so i bumped it down to 15 and the issue still happens.

Anyone else had this issue or know of a solution?


PC Specs

Asus A8N Sli Deluxe

AMD Dual Core @ 2.0ghz

4gig DDR RAM

Windows 7 Pro 64bit

Just over 6tb of storage spanned across multiple drives


Excuse the poor quality of the screenshot. I took that over RealVNC which bumps down the visual effects to improve the VNC connection outside of home.



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hit cancel and wait..its just because its loading longer then windows would like and it thinks the program has crashed...happens to me as well...dont know if there will be a fix for it or a workaround

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