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Recording TV series, title issues

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Hi all,


Here in Denmark, many TV stations include additional info in the title for a series. It can be a topic, number of show (aaa : bbb), or other key words.

Examples: "This show (1:3)" or "This show - about topic". 


In 7MC, this makes series recording impossible, as 7MC looks for a "complete" match in title for recording a series.


Can Emby be made to look for a user-defined string, such as "This show", in order to trigger series recording? (edit: Ignoring other words in title)


Added bonus would be Channel ID and/or time, so that it would trigger on "This show" for recording, only when broadcasted from a certain TV channel, at a certain time of day (ignoring re-runs sent the following morning, for an evening show)



I don't know if it's possible, but it's the time of year for wishes :)




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Hi.  We don't use the title to determine a series.  The guide data indicates whether something is a part of a series or not.

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