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How to shows audio's embedded image Instead of artist image?


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First, sorry for my poor English



I have put some audio books with different embedded image in a  "Books"  library,those audio books have the same "artist" metadata.

But It doesn't shows me the embedded image.

It used one of the audio books's embedded image as it's artist image.

And all the audio books  shows the same artist image.


How to make a audio shows it's  embedded image instead of artist image?

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Now I find that two different audios in different folder with the same name will use the same thumbnail , even they have the different embedded images.

It's really stupid,how to fix this?please. 

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Hi there, can you please show a screenshot to demonstrate the issue? thanks !

for example : 

I have two audio book  folders named "audio book 1" and "audio book 2"

they have the same folder structure, the same file name, but different embedded image.










But when I created a library include the two folders, they showed the same thumbnail,  ( folder thumbnail,  audio thumbnail ,all showed the same image)






You can just do this

step1. find two different audios

step2. delete their metadata

step3. give them the same filename and the different embedded images

step4. put them in different folders and create a library include the two folders

then you will see the problem.





And now I find that two different audios with different filename but the same metadata  will use the same thumbnail too,even they have different embedded images.

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