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Samsung App fails with "Connection Error"


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playing some of my files always fails with message" CONNECTION ERROR":/


[..]dex=1&VideoCodec=h264&Profile=high&Level=41&MaxVideoBitDepth=8&MaxWidth=1280&VideoBitrate=7689730&AudioCodec=dts&AudioBitrate=360000&MaxAudioChannels=6&MediaSourceId=37be07606503ea8e68d8d8828a8c827c&DeviceId=ZPCAMPY4GXSJS&StartTimeTicks=0 [...]

(it contains h264 but its h265,  is that a coinciedence?).


On other devices transcoding works; so I assume the Samsung is the problem.


The more I´m playing around with it, I´m coming to the point that a CONCURRENT transcoding of HEVC & DTS is a problem - pls see the att. files.


H265 / DD is working

H264 / DTS works


Please see the info and logs.


tnx for helping me





Samsung model number: UE65F8090


Samsung firmware version: v1135 (latest available at 25.10.2017)


Samsung Emby client version #: v2.2.2




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The app is trying to do something that is not supported. Are you sure you're running the latest version? I thought @@cmcg already resolved this. Thanks.

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latest version of what ?


emby server is

Samsung app was installed after a firmware update and full TV factory reset today with 2.2.2

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Cmcg did fix an audio selection problem with 2.2.3b beta.  Maybe try that since the input has multiple audio files to choose from.


"Fixed: Unsupported audio codec selected when transcoding."

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