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Patchy ability to connect to server using iOS and Web apps


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Hi, I've been an emby user for over a year now and throughout this time have experienced a really inconsistent experience in being able to connect to my server both locally and remotely using either the iOS app or the web app.


I run the MacOS server on a dedicated mac mini media server, and my main client is Kodi running on the same computer using Emby for Kodi Sync. This issue has persisted through multiple reinstalls of Kodi/Emby and one full reinstall of OSX on this machine.


Additional clients are all iOS mainly for local use. Now and then for playing media in other rooms, but mostly I use the iOS app as a remote to choose media for Kodi to play, or to use the iOS interface to manage the server.


The common experience I have is to launch the iOS app and just have it sit on the blank home menu spinning forever. Occasionally force closing the app and relaunching solves the problem but there are days where this doesn't work. Now and then what seems to help is to manually select the server from the in app settings menu, though this isn't always a given. Trying again a few hours later will often see the problem magically resolving itself, and so it goes, sometimes working flawlessly sometimes not.


I often try to fall back to the web interface using iOS safari, but this experiences the same issue sometimes too, it's very hit and miss. 


Sometimes I often experience extreme slowness with all interfaces, it's not uncommon to wait >30seconds for the home menu to load in some instances. It gets there and may be usable after the wait.


More recently I've been noticing that ability to connect is sometimes related to the server being used in some other way, like playing media on Kodi, or scanning media library. Though again this experience is inconsistent and other days everything will be very fast to load and responsive. 


I've just had this issue now on the log I've attached between 11:20 and 11:24 - Was playing an episode on Kodi, and my iOS app wouldn't connect at all until the episode finished on Kodi and then everything was good again.


Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!


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Hi, what happens if you shut down kodi completely so that the sync process is unable run? Does that have any impact?

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Thanks for your quick response!


Tried shutting down Kodi at 1905 on this new log that's attached, and playing using a web browser client on the server machine.


The same issue was present here.


Playback was triggered using an iOS client connected to the web browser on server, worked fine, but after that was unable to reconnect to the server on two seperate iOS devices during playback. Trying to access the Emby server settings via localhost on server machine was also pretty slow and unresponsive for a time on this instance. 


Just a little more info on my setup. Mac mini is the server for Emby and it is connected to a TV and is the only media computer in the house. My setup for years has been using Kodi on this TV together with a remote for ease of use for family. Using Emby has been great for the watched status and progress sync, for the odd occasion where someone is watching from another device locally or remotely. That's more or less all I need to get out of the system, so solving this little intermittent connection niggle would be amazing, but it's been pretty low stress as Kodi with Emby has worked really well and that's the main priority in my setup.




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Ok thanks. I don't really see anything obvious here. We'll have a new stable release out soon so let's re-evaluate with that. thanks.

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