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Get_Iplayer - BBC Iplayer Auto Download / Auto Organise


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In case it helps any one else, i been learning how to make get_iplayer integrate with Emby.


The commands that worked for me were

get_iplayer --prefs-add --file-prefix="<nameshort><-senum><-episodeshort>" --output "D:\AutoOrganise"

"set preferences to put output into a location with filename that Emby auto organise can detect and move"

get_iplayer --pvr-add=The_Graham_Norton_Show "The Graham Norton Show" --output "D:\AutoOrganise" --file-prefix="<nameshort><-senum><-episodeshort>"

add a show to the get_iplayer pvr function (setting preferences twice is redundant/not required, unless you want different preferences for the pvr function)

get_iplayer --pvr

schedule this command to run periodically,so as to suck down any episodes as they become available, Emby auto organise will do the rest. The filenaming options of get_iplayer are probably flexible enough to put the the file in the correct location on the filesystem itself (remove need for auto organise), but i havent worked that bit out yet.


further reading


get_iplayer command reference


hope it helps.


perhaps someone could write a plugin to control this all from Emby :-)

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