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Sync Kodi DB with Emby via Synology NAS: newbie questions, please help


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Dear all,


Let me introduce my context and then ask you what can be done with Emby:


1) My context:

  • Kodi (17.4 Krypton with Misfit Mod AM Smooth Build) installed on: Windows10 Desktop, FireTV Stick, H96 Android tv dongle
  • Synology NAS currently empty (no multimedia content). I have installed Emby.

2) What I would like to do:


When updating the current Kodi Build I am using, when removing the current Build and uploading a new Build, when adding new addons on the Kodi installed on my desktop, then I would like to have all other devices updated at the same time.


Let me know if I can do this with Emby. What would be the best tutorial/video that would guide me through the steps to have this setup?


Many thanks for your feedback.


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This is an older video but should give you a good idea on how to get started:


wiki: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/plugin.video.emby/wiki


First, you'll want to setup your emby server and add all your content (metadata should start loading after that).

Second, you'll install emby for kodi. Try keeping everything default, this way playback will work out of the box. Otherwise, if you want to use native paths (actual paths, not plugin paths for compatibility reasons), you have to make sure it matches what kodi would expect (otherwise Kodi cannot find your content).


If all of your kodi are the same version, you can backup your first setup and restore to other kodis using this: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/plugin.video.emby/wiki/Create-and-restore-from-backup


Feel free to ask for more help if needed..

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