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Emby Movie/DVD/Blu-ray custom menu


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I had an idea since I know passing blue ray and DVD menus is not an option. What about when we click a movie Emby first presents users with a menu of available options to select from. Like available audio and subtitle options it sees within the file and srt files. And possibly the subfolders listed extras.


This would present a menu style look and could use the background for the menu from the background image scraped from tmdb.


Just a thought. I see this topic a lot and thought hell maybe people would like this. Myself I usually only put what I want in the encodes but figured I'd share.

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isn't that what the detail screen already is ?


I think they mean a setup menu like on some discs that asks you what audio/subtitle settings to use when playing back a title.  Something you set before the movie begins to play.


Considering I almost always want the defaults I've set this seems like an unnecessary set of extra clicks.

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