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Unable to connect server update - DS3617xs Xpenology


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Emby (3-2-30.0-1) work for my need as expected on Xpenology DS3617xs DSM 6.1.3-15154 Update 4. On the other hand, on less needed or used features...


The issue is that Emby is unable to "Application updates" or "Plugin updates". 

And so no "plugin updates" mean unable to access to plugin section to install.


I don't really use plugin so it is not a big deal for now. And for now streaming my video on the local network is the top priority and that emby do it seamessly.

But on Xpenology DS3615xs DSM 6.1.3-15154 Update 4, I did observe no issue. I was able to install and use the plugin "Trailers" and "Video Bookmarks"


Unless it is a issue of network setting in MY Xpenology DS3617 then Emby for that platform might have a improper redirection to the update server.


So please people using Emby on DS3617xs do you have the "update" issue??


Thank you


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Hi to all!


Ok maybe it was a setting in my Xpenology DS3617xs ??

I did test and waited many day before reporting it...


But today it suddently work, Emby is able to "Application updates" or "Plugin updates" and I install plugin without issue!!


This topic can be close and issue solved.


Thank you Emby.

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Thanks for the update @@xpeno3617, it looks like the system was having problems making an outbound connection to the Internet.


Feel free to attach your logs if you want to me look closer...



- James

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