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Actors incorrectly matched


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I have automatic download of metadata and images turned off for the library.


When I add an actor that consists of a single name such as "Daisy", it will automatically match it to a (wrong) full name.  Sometimes it adds a IMDB or TMDB ID as well.  I cannot unmatch the actor.  It's automatically renamed and any item I had the actor assigned to has the link removed.  I cannot add a new actor of the old unmatched name either.  Most of the times I can't remove the IMDB or TMDB IDs either.


I create new actors by adding the name to TV episodes or seasons.  A blank actor is created as expected.  However, it's not expected that it would be automatically matched to something.



This is problematic since there is no way to go through the library and remove old actors.  It would be nice if the metadata manager would also manage actors.

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