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USB HDD on WiFi found, but only showing 1 folder per level


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I have an HDD (1Tb USB powered) attached to my WiFi Media Server (Archer_C3200) via a USB 3 port.  I also have a Telstra TV with Roku Media Player.


The Roku, using the "All" option, finds the Wifi Media Server.  It further allows me to Browse Folders.


However, at the top level, Roku only shows 1 folder.


By selecting the one found folder, it shows the next level of sub-directories, but still only 1 folder.  This is the pattern for every level.  There are definitely playable files in most, if not all folders.


My laptop, accessing the same HDD through the same wifi, shows all folders at all levels.

Roku also finds and shows all folders at all levels when the same HDD is plugged via USB directly into the Telstra TV.


I tried * as per another topic here, but did not help.


Could someone please expose my folly and guide me into all my paths of remoteness?


Thank you.

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Ah, in the Help, it has "Connecting to a DLNA Media Server or USB Device".


I guess that means some kind of DLNA app.  Does that mean I'm ringing the wrong doorbell?  (I confess I had no idea and followed Google).


Thank you :)

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