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Auto Box Sets - Feature Request(s)


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Hello @@ebr.  Love this Plugin, but don't use it quite yet due to the way I use my own boxsets right now.  I'm wondering if there could be a few options added into this plugin.


First, this one I might potentially use, but I also saw another user request this in the reviews of the plugin.  Quoted from Plugin Catalog;  



I have added the autoboxset folder to my general movies folder and so I see the boxsets with the individual movies that make up the boxsets. If this could filter those that are components of a collection, it would be perfect.



I have all my box sets in a different folder from my movies, and tend to use it to cleanup/decrease "movies" folder.  Perhaps this could be tied into the Auto-Organize piece of the server, it could not only create the Boxset folders, but it could move the movies (folder with MetaData and all) in there as well.  And I use the format of Name [boxSet] for all mine.  So any chance if the automove/organize of the files was implemented, it could name them in this fashion as well?  Just makes it more human readable when going into the folder.


Also, I have a separate folder for all animated movies.  It would be nice to be able to auto create boxsets in two different locations, and creating the boxsets from certain area's of my collection.  Therefore when I have dumped all the Shrek, Toy Stories, etc in there, it would combine them into a boxset, but not be pulling in the other movies from a different area of my collection.


I think these are quite complicated asks, so here is another possible request/option.  Could it be possible for it to not create boxsets if they already exist there in the Name [boxSet] format?



Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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We are about to do some work on the server that may change how this plug-in operates completely.  So, let's see how that shakes out and how it addresses your requests.

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