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Some mkv files reported as "mkv,webm"


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Hi @@Luke,


Some of my mkv files have at some point started to be reported by the server as "mkv,webm". This is treated as an unsupported format by the old Orsay app and triggers transcoding of files that used to direct play.


The problem is that the old Orsay app operates by saying if [FILE EXTENSION] is supported, request Stream.[FILE EXTENSION]


Is there any danger in adding a hack to say "mkv,webm" = "mkv"?

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Same here.


I think something must have changed recently, as all of my newly added content is marked as mkv,webm.


Seems to playback OK in the ATV app though.


@@ebr - are you working around this issue?

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The build is up, thanks.


is that a beta build of the server or is it now in the final release? will the fix remove the webm from the existing media info or will we need to run an update metadata scan?

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